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Barbarossa Umtrunk – Devchirmé : Le Tribut Du Sang

Barbarossa Umtrunk – Devchirmé : Le Tribut Du Sang

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Barbarossa Umtrunk – Devchirmé : Le Tribut Du Sang
Label: Gradual Hate Records – GH 155 CD
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition, Digipack
Country: Spain
Released: Feb 15, 2023
Style: Industrial, Military, Neofolk

Limited to 100 copies

After 4 years of Silence, BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK is back with à New full lenght album

«Devchirmé : Le tribut du Sang» takes inspiration and pays homage to Janissaries Ottomans troopers, these elite warriors from the balkans trained for war since childhood. Janissaries were connected to Bektashi Sufi Order which were the inheritors of Persian & Arabian Spiritual Chivalry called Futuwah with rites close to Free Masonry and a secret heretic gnosis belief with Shia roots (Twelve Imams Gnostic faith of the Iranians) but also old Tengriism paganism/Turkish Shamanic heritage. Bektashism was also connected with tradition of asiatics bards and trobadors called Ashoks and Alevis heretic community from Anatolia. Historically Janissaries elitist troops were the first to make Martial Orchestral’s battlefield inspired Music. This new album of Barbarossa Umtrunk deserve an hymn dedicated to them with 72 minutes of Balkanik/Turkish Ottoman Martial and ritual music based upon Janissaries elitist troopers from the past, spiritual chivalry (Futuwah), Albania, Shia Gnosis, Alevi/Qilzibah gnostic sects and Anatolian Sufism with mystical lyrics & quotes taken from writes of Alain Santacreu, Rumi, Hadji Bektash Veli, Rudolf Von Sebottendorf and many others declaimed in french language with the well known specific style of Barbarossa Umtrunk. The compositions make by Baron Vonstein with guests T S I D M Z -ThuleSehnsucht In Der MaschinenZeit- Dolorism, Gregorio Bardiniand Sven Phalanx are sometime close to old Der Blutharsch, Karjallan Sissit, T S I D M Z -ThuleSehnsucht In Der MaschinenZeit- or Rukkanor with some oriental/east european influences and vibes who deserves ritual orchestral apocalyptic climates, martial hymns, atmospheric and military pop and even Dungeon Synths , Neo-Classical or Sufis and Tribal influences from the East.


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